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Growing in Faith

At People of Hope, we believe it is important for all generations to nurture their faith through educational opportunities. We offer a variety of programs to empower Member Missionaries to grow in their faith.


Children’s Learning Time

Sundays from 10a -11a

This is our version of Sunday School in which children ages 4-14 experience and learn about the love of Christ in classroom settings (virtually during the fall of 2020). This happens through lessons, crafts, music, and much more. 

Children are taught about the Bible, God's love and acceptance of all, and the importance of service in the world.


Adult Learning Time

Sundays from 10a-11a

This is our Sunday morning learning option for Adults and is typically lead by Pastor Dan (or by guest presenters from inside and outside of the congregation). Topics include the Bible, Lutheran theology, and current events.



Wednesdays from 6:30p-7:30

This ministry is designed for 6-8 grade students who are preparing to affirm their baptisms. Learning happens through small group discussions, field trips, and service and fellowship activities. 

Confirmation is taught by Pastor Dan Doering and Member Missionary Pam Draayer.

Bible Lessons

Theo Thursdays

Thursdays at 12p

This is a weekly Bible Study in which we study the Scripture lessons to be used in the following Sunday's worship service. Member Missionaries are invited to bring their lunch and join in this casual conversation.

Safety and Security Policy

Our Safety and Security Purpose Statement:

People of Hope seeks to create a space of empowerment for all people and particularly youth.  In this place of safety and security, we hope all people will be able to express and experience their lives, their joys, and their sorrows, to share how they may have been violated by someone outside of POH or within the POH community, and to explore who God is.  

Why is the Safety and Security Policy necessary?

To affirm, protect, and empower children, youth, adults and vulnerable adults.  

To affirm, protect, and empower volunteers and staff.  

To raise awareness.  

To be a leader and advocate in our community.  

To equip the community of POH with the tools to live a God-centered life.  

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