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 People of Hope

We do church differently...and you are invited!

Worship is on Sundays at 9a In-Person and on

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God's love, made real for all, without exception.
As a church of the welcoming God, our congregation, centered on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, is committed to removing all barriers which might prevent us from fulfilling our mission as a loving community. To that end, we continually weigh ourselves against God's welcoming standards and strive to welcome all - including, but not limited to - people of every race, nationality, age, political affiliation, marital status, gender identity, economic or social status, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities...


Worship at People Of Hope

You are invited to be a part of our causal, upbeat worship services on Sunday mornings at 9a. You can expect a lot of singing, praying, and communion (with a little preaching thrown in too!) Children are an integral part of our faith community and are active participants in worship.

Member Missionaries

Our members at People of Hope are a diverse group of people referred to as Member Missionaries (or M&Ms) as an indication that everyone is involved in the mission of People of Hope and sharing God's message of love in the world. You can find out more about what they do in the "How We Serve" section. Please check out some of our time honored traditions and community


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Med City Marathon - Water Stop 2022

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School Supply Drive

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Giving Holy Communion
Last Week's Worship Service
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 Meet our Pastor

Rev. Dan Doering has served as the Pastor of People of Hope since 2010. He is a graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and has a passion for connecting faith with everyday life, with an equally measured passion for his new found health the last 18 months - particularly biking!

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