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response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We welcome all to explore and grow in a loving relationship with God in our changing world.

As a church of the welcoming God, our congregation, centered on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, is committed to removing all barriers which might prevent us from fulfilling our mission as a loving community. To that end, we continually weigh ourselves against God's welcoming standards and strive to welcome all - including, but not limited to - people of every race, nationality, age, political affiliation, marital status, gender identity, economic or social status, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities...

As we continue to live through this COVID 19 pandemic together, your Mission Leadership Team (MLT) has been working hard to keep up with the ever-changing guidance regarding in-person worship while trying to keep the health of all our Member Missionaries in mind. During the past months, much time has been devoted by the MLT discussing protocols, logistics, and methodology to be used to resume in-person worship. We have also been focused on not excluding anyone that wishes to attend in these plans, as inclusivity and welcome are part of what make People of Hope such a special place. 

This all being said, the current state of the pandemic and the response to it does not make it possible for us to resume in-person worship (with the idea of including everyone) at this time. 

The following are the decisions made by the Mission Leadership Team on Thursday, February 11.

  • People of Hope will continue virtual worship through the end of May. The Reopening Tas force will meet in early May, prior to the May MLT meeting, to discuss recommendations moving forward.

  • Small groups are now authorized to resume meeting at People of Hope under the following guidelines:

    • Small groups to follow CDC, MDH guidance as of 2/11/2021 (limit of 10 people) regarding mask use, physical distancing of 6 feet or more, sanitation of hands, surfaces, staying home if ill or recently exposed to COVID, etc... It is the duty of the small group to follow and enforce these guidelines to keep each other safe.

    • Small groups to use the worship space as much as possible. This will allow for better adherence to physical distancing and will allow for better separation from church staff offices. 

    • Consider asking small groups to enter through the side door near the kitchen, as this will provide more direct access to the worship space.

    • Small groups may consider consuming beverages, as long as masks are worn between sips of beverage. No eating is allowed, as eating requires a greater time without a mask.

    • Small groups may not engage in singing activities. The exception to this would be recording sessions for POH worship services. Recording sessions would take extra precautions, including at least 12 foot spacing between people. Masks are worn if singers from multiple households. Masks can be removed at the time of recording if singers are from the same household.

    • Any new small groups should try to maximize virtual or outdoor meeting options as much as possible.

    • Groups will be responsible for sanitizing the space after use.

  • The MLT also recognizes the real mental health concerns that arise as we continue to not gather in person. To the end, a special team is being formed to increase outreach to and support all Member Missionaries during this time. If you are interested in being part of the planning and implementation of this work, please contact Pastor Dan.

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Rev. Dan Doering has served as the Pastor of People of Hope since 2010. He is a graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and has a passion for connecting faith with everyday life.

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