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The Mission Leadership Team (MLT) is the governing council for People of Hope. Those elected to this group serve two-year terms. The MLT meets monthly. You can contact a member of the MLT with questions or concerns at any time, by emailing mlt@peopleofhope.com.

  • MLT Chair: Deborah Schroeder (schroederdeborah@outlook.com)
  • Vice Chair: Thomas Brown (thomasbrownmn@gmail.com) 
  • Treasurer: Marilyn Hansmann (hansmann.marilyn49@gmail.com) 
  • Scribe: Will Schoufen (wmschouten@me.com) 
  • Deb Ness (ness.debra@mayo.edu), Wayne Luebbert (huskereggie@msn.com), Annette Homburger (sperryhomburger@aol.com), Hertha Lange (herthalange49@gmail.com), Linda Rud (lindarud6@gmail.com)

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SUMMARY: During its November meeting, the MLT discussed ongoing financial needs of the congregation. We heard some initial feedback about how the SAS program is progressing, some potential revenue possibilities and began looking at the 2016 budget. As part of that we considered whether POH should continue to be an internship site and received some feedback from Intern Katie about her experience at POH so far. We’re excited at the work you’ve all been doing and are looking forward to seeing if the pledge card campaign we’re conducting now supports our plans for 2016. As always, if you have joys or concerns you’d like to share with the MLT, you can reach out to any one of us directly, or contact us all as a group. We look forward to hearing from you!

SUMMARY: During its October meeting, the MLT heard more from Sarah Jerde on Sister Parish and made a decision to request to partner with the ACOMUJERZA cooperative. The next step is for that community to review our application to ensure we will be a good fit with them. We're very excited at the progress and wish to thank Sarah for her leadership in this effort. The MLT also discussed the congregational finances and the existing deficit for the current year. Your giving helps our congregation to grow and thrive and meet the needs of not only our faith family at People of Hope, but also beyond in Rochester and the world. If you have concerns or joys that you would like to share with the People of Hope MLT, please do not hesitate to contact any of us via email, in person or by phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

SUMMARY: During its September meeting, the MLT discussed our congregational finances and projected income shortfall. We also heard some exciting opportunities around stewardship this fall. We also discussed transitioning away from a printed quarterly newsletter to an online and email based version. This both saves money and helps the environment. We also discussed our upcoming work with Sister Parish and some additional equipment maintenance needs. We are always happy to hear from you about concerns and needs. Please feel free to raise any of them to any member of the MLT.

SUMMARY: During its August meeting, the MLT welcomed Katie Jacob, our seminary intern. We looked at our finances and discussed what impact future spending will have on them. We also heard uplifting news from Dan about the Hope Fund and the generosity of People of Hope in meeting the need from earlier this month. We also heard a little about winter plans for Open Table and grants seeking funds for the purchase of a food truck to better meet the needs of this ministry. Finally, at the request of Member Missionaries, we discussed our aging outdoor worship space and what our summer worship plans for 2016 might look like. At this time, nothing has been decided, but we will be seeking additional feedback from all of you. If you have any questions about this, or anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask a member of the MLT.

SUMMARY: During its May meeting, the MLT discussed the staffing transition and the congregation's finances. As you’ve no doubt heard, giving continues to fall short of our budgeted amount. We also had a 30 minute call with one of the facilitators of the LEAD survey that many of you took. The survey highlighted some things that we as a congregation do very well and also identified some areas for improvement. One thing that was made clear through the survey is that People of Hope is a special place. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the MLT.

SUMMARY: During its April meeting, the MLT discussed the current level of financial giving and planning for future needs. Giving levels are still not sufficient to meet the 2015 budget. We also considered how we will go about replacing our insurance provider and heard about the new lawnmower, that by the time you read this will likely have been delivered and maybe even used to maintain the property! Finally, we also discussed setting up procedures for handling emergencies that occur at People of Hope. You can expect to hear more about that in the future, but as a reminder, if someone needs medical attention, please call 911. As always, if you have a joy or concern that you think the MLT should know about, please send us an email, or give us a call. Our contact information is on the back of the Link, or you can contact us all simultaneously by sending an email to mlt@peopleofhope.com.

SUMMARY: During its February meeting, the MLT welcomed six new members. We discussed some unbudgeted expenses that we will incur in February and early March, specifically to repair aging fire and computer equipment. During the Annual Mission Event, the MLT heard how important offering a health insurance benefit to the Office and Communications Coordinator (Lydia) is to the congregation. Discussions have begun and we are researching what options are available. We want to meet the needs of Lydia today, while making a benefit that we can offer should someone else be in that role in the future. Progress is being made, but nothing actionable has happened yet. On a related note, we did approve a paid sick leave benefit for her position. If you have questions, comments or concerns about any of this, please don't hesitate to ask a member of the MLT.

SUMMARY: During its January meeting, rescheduled due to snow, the MLT approved the tentative budget for the annual mission event, elected a new chair for 2015 and discussed how to be more intentional about the needs of members who are celebrating or in need or prayer.We discussed at length how to provide privacy for those who want it. We've decided to try a digital version of the purple prayer request card so members who may not be with us on Sunday can have their prayers shared more with the congregation. Additionally, the MLT would like to reiterate that we are available to take your needs to the broader MLT, we value your input, we are here to serve all of you. Our contact information is on the back of the Link, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.


SUMMARY: In an attempt to be more transparent with the operational side of People of Hope, the Mission Leadership Team (MLT) is going to try providing monthly summaries of the meetings to keep the congregation informed about what we're working on. The summaries, like the one that follows, attempt to capture the essence of the meeting in a single paragraph and so will not include everything the official minutes do.

During its October meeting, your MLT discussed a number of topics including our current financial situation. The congregational giving continues to fall short of the budgeted amount. We considered options for how we might make it easier for all of us to manage our contributions online. We discussed changes in the health insurance for Pastor Dan and his family and on-going property items including the proposed rezoning of the old golf course.We also heard a presentation from Rainbow School, a christian based pre-school here in Rochester. Please feel free to contact a member of the MLT with any questions or concerns.

SUMMARY: During its November meeting, the MLT discussed our own need of two additional members and asked existing MLT members to consider if they’re being called to be our Chair elect. We also decided to move forward with self managed online giving. Existing Simply Giving members will not need to do anything to use this program and this will allow you to better manage your automated giving. You’ll hear more about the changes in the program soon. Our biggest discussion topic was the possibility of People of Hope becoming an internship site. MLT members have received a lot of feedback from you, THANK YOU! We have heard and discussed at length your concerns, including but not limited to the potential additional burden for Pastor Dan. We discussed what an additional staff member might look like, both from a ministry perspective as well as financially. Because the internship process has upcoming deadlines, we are going to move forward with the internship site application, but want to convey that the final decision is up to the congregation. As always, please feel free to contact a member of the MLT with any questions or concerns.

SUMMARY: During its December meeting, the MLT discussed budget preparations and needs of our growing congregation. This is the work that needs to be done in advance of the January 25th congregational meeting. We also discussed at length the online giving component. We are slowly rolling this out and we would love any feedback you have to share about your experiences. We are working closely with Vanco, who is the provider of Simply Giving and this new online component. It's on the website today, feel free to take a look. If you are a current Simply Giving member, you should contact Dave Young before attempting to create an account. As always, please feel free to contact a member of the MLT with any questions or concerns. All of our names and email addresses are listed on the back of your Link.