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By: peopleofhope | June 22, 2016

WALK TO ZARAGOZA! It is 2,799 miles to walk to Zaragoza, El Salvador, where our Sister Parish is located. One mile equals roughly 2,000 steps.

Our goal is to walk 5,598,000  steps as a congregation this summer!

Follow our congregation's progress on the map in the sanctuary!


Step 1: Get walking and be active!!!

Step 2: Record your daily number of steps on your family tracker sheet. Use your Fitbit, iphone, or a POH pedometer available in the office while supplies last. Tracker sheets are available on the Welcome Table or for download in the eNews.

Step 3: Email your weekly totals to every Sunday night to be eligible for prizes at the DIG events.

*Please format your weekly email as below:

The _______ family had ____...