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By: peopleofhope | March 14, 2016

ALL OF MARCH- We are participating in the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign to collect tuna to stock the shelves at Channel One Regional Food Bank. While your out shopping, please consider purchasing a few cans of tuna and to bring to church Wednesdays and Sundays to help feed our neighbors in need. Our goal this year is to build a "tower of tuna" at least as tall as Pastor Dan!

By: peopleofhope | March 16, 2015

EVERY YEAR DURING LENT- We choose a food item to collect to feed neighbors in need at Channel One Regional Food Bank. What's this year's item, you ask? Dry pasta! Channel One Regional Food Bank is aiming to collect 225,000 pounds of food this March. For our dry pasta drive, we’ll aim to collect 2,225 boxes of pasta (each box is about 1 lb.). Our yearly Lenten food drive is part of a collective, grassroots effort in Minnesota to stock the shelves of the more than 300 food shelves in the state. called the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. Donations can be placed in the giant “pasta bowl” in the front of the worship space. Questions? Contact the office.