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By: peopleofhope | June 16, 2017

SECOND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH-Member Missionaries gather to communicate with our sister parish, ACOMUJERZA, through Skype video c hat. This past Saturday, we learned that ACOMUJERZA recently finished a large project, sewing over 600 uniforms for a school district.  They are taking a much deserved rest while the fabric ships for the next order of 600 uniforms. They have a new store, and renovations inside are complete. They are raising funds for installation of a roof over their kitchen space, which currently operates in the outdoor courtyard.  El Salvador is currently in the rainy season, and many people are afflicted with upper respiratory infections in conjunction with the change of season and warm, damp climate. In addition to exchanging community news, we pray together, engage in bible study, sing and share prayer requests.


Interested in becoming a part of this ministry? Please contact Sarah Jerde ( Our next Skype call is scheduled for July 8 at 4p. 


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